Number 1 » Peace

BBC Sound of 2013My choices

This is my favorite new band. Not much to say, if you enjoy Foals and Vampire Weekend, chances are you’ll like Peace too. They better be included in the official top 5 of Sound of 2013.

So, when you’re coming down to Greece?

Video above: Peace - Wraith

Bonus video: Peace - California Daze

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Number 2 » Tom Odell

BBC Sound of 2013My choices

I have to admit I like this guy. Tom Odell is a songwriter, singer and pianist from Southern England whose debut album is filled with love songs. “Is he the new Odele?”, a youtube commenter asks. I don’t know if his ballads will reach Adele levels but I’m sure his music is going to be listened a lot by people falling in and out of love.  

Video above: Tom Odell - Can’t Pretend (at Dean Street Studios)

Bonus video: Tom Odell - Another Love

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Number 3 » AlunaGeorge

BBC Sound of 2013My choices

AlunaGeorge are an electronic duo who make Good Pop Music. I’m far from being a pop music phobic so I enjoy this a lot. It also reminds me of the R&B music in the late 90’s - early 00’s aka my early teen years. Enjoy! 

Video above: AlunaGeorge - You Know You Like It

Bonus video: AlunaGeorge - Your Drums, Your Love (Great video!)

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Number 4 » Rudimental

BBC Sound of 2013: My choices

I’m not a big fan of D&B but when it comes to Rudimental, I believe the hype. They have something important that others forget: brilliant vocals. 

Extra points for their “Not giving in” video, shot in Manila and directed by Josh Cole. It’s the best music video I’ve watched this year. 

Video above: Rudimental - Not Giving In ft. John Newman & Alex Clare

Bonus video: Rudimental - Deep In The Valley ft. MC Shantie

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Number 5 » Arlissa

BBC Sound of 2013My choices

I like her voice and I like her name. Arlissa begins her career collaborating with Nas (remember Nas? he broke up with Kelis and is now making a comeback). Anyway back to Arlissa, she sings well and she’s pretty so I guess I’ll be keeping an eye on her. She’s on tumblr too:

Video above: Arlissa vs. Nas - Hard to Love Somebody

Bonus video: Arlissa - Too close (Alex Clare cover)

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Not in the top 5 but… » A*M*E

BBC Sound of 2013My choices

If you watch her “Play the Game Boy” video on mute, you would think that this Sierra Leonean/British girl is a teen version of Nicki Minaj, but fear not; A*M*E is awesome! 

She loves Beyoncé and Rihanna but she loves her K-Pop too. Well-timed, I say. I didn’t include her in my top 5 but I am sure the world will hear from her in 2013 and the following years. 

Video above: A*M*E - Play The Game Boy

Bonus video: A*M*E feat. Mic Righteous - Find A Boy (LIVE Tropical Refix)

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BBC Broadcasting House under construction in 1931 (via AbouttheBBC)

untitled by outtheresomewhere1977 on Flickr.

Bush House in London, home of BBC World Service for the last 54 years. They are moving to the new section of the Broadcasting House in a few months.

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