The lonely Bearby Ian Mears

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Chris Thonis, writing to Boing Boing on behalf of, sends along this video of a mother polar bear in Churchill, Manitoba nursing her two cubs.

Chris explains: This is a behavior rarely caught on camera, and is the result of three live cams set up by, Polar Bears International, Parks Canada, and Frontiers North Adventure to capture the annual polar bear migration this year (the point being to get people to think more about how climate change is impacting the north, and inspire an annual event similar to Earth Day (or Groundhog Day).

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Cute pandas playing on the slide (by Chengdu PAW)

For now, my favorite youtube video of all time. 


Polar bear mother and cubs, Spitsbergen, Norway.Picture: Paul Goldstein / Exodus / Rex Features

Why swim when you can just float?

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Giant panda Yun Zi celebrates his 3rd birthday at the San Diego Zoo. x

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Another dance here.

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