Loki is keeping me company #dog #puppy #Athens #Greece


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My dog is such a majestic creature. 

This is my new roommate. He has no name yet but suggestions are welcome :D #Athens #Greece #dog #puppy


I love when dogs smile for the camera; Archanes, Crete

Funny Siberian Husky Video - Siberian Husky dogs playing with cat door (by PetHuskies)

They’re talking. 

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Tired Friends [x]

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This guy was following me for about an hour tonight. Wish I could bring him home, such a good doggy. #athens #Greece #dog #cute #architecture #skyscraper (Taken with Instagram)

A grizzly bear attempts to climb onto a fisherman’s boat to see if any food had been left on it. The owner’s two dogs leapt into action after seeing the bear swim across the lake. Sergey Gorskov photographed the scene at a fishing camp on the shore of Kurile Lake, in Kamchatka, Russia. Picture: Sergey Gorshkov/Minden/Solent (via Pictures of the day: 18 July 2012 - Telegraph)

Meet the unusual Lewisham stray who hates running, loves people and has a fear of stairs. (via Abandoned husky is a sheep in wolf’s clothing (From This Is Local London))

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