Most popular spectator sport by country (1024x606)

And in Greek it’s “Mati”. It’s a small world. 


This map shows the speeds of railroad routes in Europe.

> 200 km/h in Greece right now is like a joke. 

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Submarine Cable Map 2014

A map put together by TeleGeography displays where all the undersea fibre-optic telecommunication cables are and who they connect to … in other words, a map of the physical internet:

The map depicts routes of 263 in-service and 22 planned undersea cables. Each country is colored according to how many international submarine cable system links are connected there. Capital cities and the location and direction of 44 cable vessels (as of December 6, 2013) are also provided.

The map provides detailed information about cable landing stations in key regions including Hawaii, Southern Florida, New York, New Jersey, Cornwall, Singapore, Hong Kong, Tokyo, and Sydney.

The map is available for purchase at TeleGeography. You can find out more about the map here

An interactive version of the map to view and zoom in your browser can be found here

An interview with TeleGeography’s research director about the subject can be found at CNN here


Average happiness per region in Europe [1279x966]

Melancholy is a Greek word.


Colors of European Motorway Signs [OC][800x793]

I like that the green one is in Greek. By the way all signs in Greece used to be blue and many remain blue until today. 


Knowledge of English in the EU and Iceland [1212x1242] 


I decided to apply Google’s autocomplete to Europe and here’s the result for the first suggestion provided.

There was no result for Montenegro, and all the results for Turkey referred to the bird, not the country. Both countries were left blank.

The result for Macedonia is misleading: the articles it linked to referred to Ancient (Alexander the Great’s) Macedonia, not to the (historically unrelated) modern Republic of Macedonia.

Malta does not appear outlined on the map I used, so I just left the autocomplete suggestion floating south of Italy…

Fernando Pessoa 


Worldwide map of the driving orientation [720x400]


Most used operative systems late 2013 [744x430]


Percentage of Mac OS X desktop computers by country, December 2013 [1707 * 868][OC]

thelandofmaps: is a site that lets you see the location (and other important info) of nearly every single ship on earth in real time. Here’s a quick screenshot of almost every vessel around the Netherlands and Belgium on 12-22-2013 at 9:47 PM. [846x580]

And guess what, it’s a Greek site #proudgreekdude


These map illustrations by Zara Picken are really lovely. If only all maps could look like this!

Istanbul, Ediburgh, London, San Francisco, Berlin

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The most photographed places in the world [1023x513]


The Rise of the Internet 2000-2012 [OC] [GIF] [815x441]

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