He Doesn’t Know You’re Alive!


You don’t say…

Athens, Plaka 1978 (by John^R)


{ Athens, 1981 }

ah, those trains don’t run anymore :(


Greek emigrants to Australia take a farewell tour of the Parthenon, December 1963.
Photograph by Otis Imboden, National Geographic


View from the Acropolis, Athens, 1979.

[Credit : Nikos Economopoulos]

For Athenians: The rectangular building in the middle of the picture is ‘Fix’ brewery at Sygrou ave. It shut down in 1983, then half of the building was demolished in the mid-1990’s. The other half is about to open as the new National Museum of Contemporary Art by the end of 2013. 


Phone evolution – vintage ad for Western Electric, the manufacturing arm of AT&T, and more vintage visions for the future of technology


Σταδίου, Δεκέμβριος 1960 / Stadiou street, central Athens - December 1960

του Κώστα Μπαλάφα / by Kostas Balafas
Φωτογραφικά Αρχεία Μουσείου Μπενάκη

1960 Athens > 2012 Athens

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I think I am very attractive to women living in 1949. 

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